Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Global Big Day - Wild Bird Wednesday

Wood Duck Mama and Duckling

Northern Shoveler
Great Blue Heron

Adorable Female Downy Woodpecker

Virginia Rail

This is not a great pic and was not taken on the Global Big Day but the day after but I'm tickled to have it. A life bird for me! I didn't have time to sit and try to get a better picture this was the only one I was able to get. I guess I need to go back and try again!

The Violet-Green Swallow couple is still very active building their nest but still no eggs so far.
This morning I was surprised to see her in the nest when I first got up and turned on the tv, the earliest activity I've seen was at least an hour later than this. It's quite interesting to watch this process, even before the eggs!
I hope to have some really good video of them sitting on eggs next week.

She does like her feathers, she just about disappears sometimes when she's in the nest and she brings a new one in almost every time she returns.

Here's my YouTube Channel, I'll be uploading there as soon as there is anything to share!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Violet-Green Swallow Nesting - Wild Bird Wednesday


Mama has been collecting for the nest!

Handsome couple!

Still watching and waiting.
One day she'll be in the nest dozens of times the next day only a few. She is a tease! :) It has to happen soon, I've been watching her for 3-4 weeks!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday - Nesting Violet-Green Swallow

Violet-Green Swallow perched on a wire outside the nest box.

Violet-Green Swallow exiting the nest box with partner flying by.

I have a Nest Box Camera this year, one of them spent quite a bit of time in it today. One of them (mama I assume) came in 6-7 times and spent anywhere from 1-3 minutes inside fluffing the contents.

This picture is from 2014, the last of the babies to fledge. It spent well over 24 hours with it's head poking out and mom and dad flying by encouraging it to jump.
I hope to get an inside view of this family this year.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Customer Gallery

Every now and again I love to share the work of my amazing customers!
They have been outdoing themselves recently...get ready for lots of eye candy!!

Meridy of Two Trees Studio has been going crazy with my new Long and Lean pieces.
She's calling this collection the Trickster Series.
Aren't they delicious!!

Meridy also made these wonderful Fairy Tale earrings with some of my little Owl Components.

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx created this beautiful Morning Glory Bracelet for a blog Challenge. Very creative!

Norbel Marolla of She Flies Again made these beautiful Chandelier Earrings, she always does me proud!

And these Bohemian Sticks by Norbel are so wonderful!!

Catherine Waterhouse of Shadow Dog Designs was one of the first Artisans to use my Components way back when I first started making them. She's used some of my newest Colorful Copper pieces in these beautiful Earrings.

In response to Catherines comment about when I started making components available it was February 2011
is the post if you want to take a look at how it all started!

Catherine often donates some of her proceeds to the Humane Society and I love to send her goodies especially for that. This Goofy Dog Pendant above is named after her wonderful Fur Baby Seamus!

Gloria Ewing of Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry never disappoints!!
I LOVE her rustic tribal vibe!
Gloria was also one of the very first to use my components in her designs!
Thank you so much for helping me get started!

These beauties are made by Helena Benkoczka of Areto.
I love how she wrapped the nuggets!

Another beautiful creation by Helena using my Long and Lean pieces!
Helena also makes wonderful Polymer Clay components!

Beautiful Earrings by Elise M Nicholson

You can fine Elise's work on her Instagram page

Here is a beautiful pair of Earrings from
 Meredith Jordan of Wild Woman Beads.

Cheryl Zink has been making beautiful music with my colorful copper components like the earrings above. She seems to find perfect combinations!
You can find Cheryl's work HERE.

Last but not least some gorgeous new earrings from my friend Linda Landig!
I just adore what she did with the fiber and those beautiful sparkling blue beads!
You can find her work at 

I'm sure I've missed some wonderful Artisans and I'm sorry if I did.
 Feel free any time to send me pictures of your creations and I'm always happy to share!


Friday, April 17, 2015

We're All Ears Challenge Reveal

I'm so happy to participate in the challenge this time, I try every time but it doesn't often work out.

I'm calling these Hemisphere.
All the compartments on the ceramic beads by Golem and on the copper pieces put me in mind of the inspiration images.

This is actually a design I use quite often but this time I decided to add the little dangles at the bottom and I love mixing metals so I chose little Silver beads.

These Earrings are available for purchase HERE.

Check out the other reveals here on the 


Saturday, April 11, 2015

White Copper

Long and Lean

I decided I hadn't played with *White Copper for some time so this week I made a few new pieces. I made a few new and re-created some favorite Copper pieces in White Copper.

Curvy Lace 3 hole pair

White Copper Lotus Flower

Stained Glass Discs

Flower Burst 3 hole

I included some regular copper as well, very handy that they can be fired together!

Stained Glass Scallop Edge 3 hole pair

It's been awhile since I've done this shape, and the more holes to play with the better.

Flower Burst Rounds
Most of these are already listed HERE on my website, just a couple more to go!

I also re-listed some in my Etsy Shop like these

White Copper Ammonite Squares
As always if you purchase items from both my Website and my Etsy shop I will refund the extra shipping costs.