Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Heart guessed it FLOWERS!!

Peony, in the sun today which took it slightly past it's prime, but still gorgeous!

This Wallflower is so bright, I love it!!


One of my favorite Hydrangea's just beginning to bloom.
I'll have to try to remember to get out there each day and take progressive shots!


studio waterstone


  1. Beautiful flowers! The peonies have always been my favorites, but the hydrangeas come pretty close.

  2. Your flowers seem so unique! Thanks for sharing these, Kristi! I love getting to see these varieties I would otherwise miss!

  3. The peony is just gorgeous. You did such a great job - I really struggle with photographing that color for some reason.

  4. Wow - gorgeous shot of the peony! All of them are beautiful, but that one really is eye-catching. I want to know how you know all the names of these,...I can't name flowers other than a rose, carnation, sunflower and possibly a carnation to save my soul! ;-)

  5. Love all your flowers, but that peony is so striking! Beautiful job!

  6. Gorgeous macros! I like the hydrangea one the best ;)

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