Saturday, July 11, 2015

Violet-Green Swallows - Fledged 07-11-15 WBW

My Violet-Green Swallow babies all filed out of the nest one after the other this morning, right on schedule.
Today is day 25 and that is the average time it takes to fledge.
They did everything right on schedule!

After a couple of hours out of the nest one flew back in the nest box and they all spent time on the garage roof.  Mom and Dad are as busy as ever keeping track of them and taking care.

Here's a short video of one in the box and one on the roof.
They are a little clumsy landing,
 but considering they just started flying a couple of hours ago it's absolutely amazing how well they do!



  1. Ah Fledged at last and they are looking good.

  2. What fun fluffy fledgling feathers they have. A whole new world for the cuties. Thank you for sharing their journey, Kristi.

  3. They are just so darn cute! Love that you've been able to follow their progress and share with us! Great photos!