Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 5 Jewelry Intensive The END

My lovely week has come to an end :( I think I ended the week with a number of great pieces!!!What a great week!!!

Day 5 consisted of finishing up any loose ends, my big pendant finally got a chain. I made it from wire shaped in the same teardrop shape as the stone. I think it certainly makes a bold statement!

I also set a cute little Turquoise stone, orinally I was planning on a ring with some brass or bronze wire but in the end I made another much more delicate pendant. I think I might save this little beauty for myself, I suspect it might be an everyday piece for me.

Time to go back to the real world of unpacking from last weekends move and going back to work. The most fun part will be building my new studio, we've already got a couple of very large work and storage pieces in that just need tops.

I have expanded my jewelry making knowledge quite alot and I plan to use it all! I'm very happy to have gotten lots of soldering practice and in my new studio I will have a soldering station for sure. I'll finally get to take my torch out of the box and use it!!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my wonderful week of learning. Look for new non PMC items in my shop. Actually I might create a separate shop for my sterling work, the PMC deserves a shop of it's own.

Thank you Dana, you did a wonderful job and I'm sure everybody in the class would agree!! Can't wait for our little reunion! :)



  1. Kristi, these are beautiful! You did a lot in this class and it's obvious you had a great teacher. I love the way the teardrop shaped chain accents the pendant.

    Thanks also for the tip (from previous post) about flaring the edges of a ring! For some reason, I always thought a hydrolic press was needed. Nice to know it's easier than that & with tools I have. I'll have to give it a try sometime.

    Your mind must be swirling with ideas for using your new techniques. Happy Creating!

  2. Thank you Sandy!

    As far as the flare technique, it is very easy. When she showed us I was amazed how easy it was, it's one of those "smack the side of your head" moments.

    Dana is a very good teacher, I look forward to going back for more of her classes and would highly recommend her to anybody. She's very good at explaining things and gave herself fully to us all the whole time, and believe me we kept her busy!!

    I am so anxious to get my studio up and running I can hardly stand it. My wonderful boyfriend is doing a wonderful job helping me get it done.