Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Bronze in process

More new Bronze pieces in the works. I am so enjoying this most recent texture I'm working with, in my opinion everything with this texture is so beautiful. It's what I am calling Victoriana. One thing I have not made yet are buttons, would people be interested in Bronze buttons?

Anyhoo, here's what I've got going, including a Lentil or Saucer Bead. Started out as a pair of components for earrings and I suddenly envisioned putting them together for a Lentil and it's so pretty. They are all still in the rough stages, need cleaned and filed and holes put in them but I couldn't wait to show them off!

Above is the Lentil.

And here are flowers (look at those adorable flowers!!!), and leaves and rounds and a big heart.

And another view of most of the goodies!

I am going to be SO EXCITED to start the kiln up, I have enough for a full load.
 Will probably have to wait for the weekend unfortunately, but you never know!!



  1. All good looking stuff. Can't wait to see it finished! Then I swear I'm gonna buy some. I'm slow to make those sorts of decisions, but I can blow $75 easy at Michael's. It makes no sense?!!?!

  2. These pieces are looking great! Buttons are a fun idea.... you certainly have the talent for it! :) ~Val

  3. Just gorgeous and yes buttons are a fantastic idea!!

  4. Oooh! those are all such nice pieces!