Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Spoils

What a fantastic week it's been. First I was notified that I won a package of beads from Magpie Gemstones the lovely Szarka picked out these beautiful Rustic Tourmaline Nuggets for me and they arrived already, they are gorgeous...don't you think?

I was also one of the lucky winners of a Design Challenge by Rings & Things and will soon be one of their Blog Partners! I'll share the amazing stash of Copper Beads I'll be receiving when they arrive!

After all that excitement, there are 2 bead shows in my immediate area this weekend which is very unusual. The first one started yesterday and was so close to where I work I easily went during my lunch. It's the Beads Beads Bead show put on by Beauty in the Bead. They were in a pretty small space but it had lots of great beads. Here's some of what I purchased.

Today I went to the Bothell Bead Stampede, about a dozen different vendors with lots of variety. Here are some of the things I purchased today.

This chain was my big splurge, it's so dangly and fun I'm sure you can understand why I had to have some!

Finally I will share with you some of my most recent component creations now available in my Etsy Shop.

Hope you enjoyed this at least a fraction as much as I did!! :)



  1. You have been very lucky. Beautiful beads from the shows. I am sure you will make some wonderful pieces with them.

  2. You really have some beautiful things there Kristi, the tourmaline is gorgeous, lucky you! I also have envy over your great purchases and finally, your own component pieces are great, love the wonderful colors you achieved on the curved ones.

  3. Part of me is glad and part of me is sooo sad for not having such fairs here near ;-D I save my money not buying but I'd love to get my hands on those treasures!! You won't send some to me?? ;-) Heh, one can wish ;-)

  4. The tourmalines are gorgeous...what a wonderful prize to win! The goodies from the bead show as well as your new components are awesome too! Looks like you really had a fantastic week!

  5. Gorgeous beads!!! The tourmaline is stunning, such a nice array of colors in the strand. Your new components came out great! ~Val