Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WBW - Hawks and Flickers

I'm starting my post with what I believe is a Red Tailed Hawk.

There were actually 3 of them but this was the only one that got close enough to photograph.
Even with my 500mm he was way up there and it was a challenge to get him in to focus,
I swear I quit breathing I was so intent on catching him on "film"
I had to stop for a minute to concentrate on breathing or I would hve fallen over.

They were making alot of noise and in this last one he's in the middle of one of those calls,
I was lucky I clicked at just the right moment.

Earlier the same day I was out watering flowers and I heard the distinct voice of a Flicker.
I dropped the hose and high tailed it in the house to get my camera!
I've seen and heard the flickers around but this is my first picture.
I wish this dead tree in my neighbors yard was just a little bit closer.

At first they were to the left in the branches and I couldn't see them,
then they moved to this dead tree.

They were making lots of cooing and kissing noises, obviously talking about going steady!
The picture below was the only one I caught of them dancing around,
the one on the bottom was swaying back and forth
the one on the top spreading it's tail feathers and I caught both behaviors!!!!



  1. Great captures, Hawks and Flickers, Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Oh wow Kristi fantastic shots of the birds! I believe you are right about that being a Red Tailed Hawk.

  3. Great captures of all the birds.

  4. I love what you've shared...the natural rituals of the birds in flight and perhaps a mating ritual going on!!


  5. Beautiful birds to see.. the flight shots are fantastic.

  6. Cool shots of the hawk, looks like a Red-Tail! And the flickers are cool birds. Great birds and photos.

  7. Great pictures, especially like the last one with the pair dancing.

  8. loving each of your photographs and I know what you mean about holding your breath

  9. Amazing photos! These birds are so beautiful!

  10. Way far away, yet still very nice selections and I love the flashing of those tail feathers of the Flicker~