Sunday, July 21, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Reveal #13 weeks 27-28

The time flies by between reveals.
It's week 13 and here is the AJE Earring Challenge REVEAL!!

My first pair is all about purple.
Purple Polymer Clay Flowers paired with gorgeous Purple beads from Wandering Spirit.

Purple Passion Flower Earrings

The gorgeous firey Lampwork headpins are the star of the show on my second pair.
I teamed them up with some Ammonite bits in Polymer Clay at a 90 degree angle.
 Then a small orange Lampwork bead and a tiny bone bead top them off.
I can't remember the artist who made these amazing headpins,
 I hope somebody can tell me so I can give proper credit!

As the day goes on more and more people will link up (below) so check back to hope around and see all the beautiful creations.



  1. Beautiful earrings!! I love your purple polymer flower beads which look great with those Wandering Spirit beads. And wow, that second pair is gorgeous! Love the red hot headpins!

    1. Thank you Alice! I love the name Red Hot for those headpins, I may have to change the name!!

  2. Wow! Love those headpins in the second pair...stunning!

  3. Both such wonderful designs and so totally different from each other!

  4. I wish that I could say I made them! They have some elements of what I do but I know I never thought of that! Beautiful.

  5. Love these gorgeous designs, Kristi (of course I am on a purple kick right now so really drawn to those!)

  6. Beautiful earrings! You are right, those headpins are amazing.