Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun with Photography

I was taking some traditional shots in my light box of a new piece of jewelry. I decided on such a beautiful fall morning I should go outside and wander around my new yard (moved about a month ago) and see what fun I could find out there.

I took my brand new piece, a somewhat new piece and one I've had for a little while and set off to discover. There are some great large moss covered rocks, a very large and tangled dried out tree root and various other things that I think make fun backdrops.

Here's the newly listed piece, first one of my light box shots which I usually take on slate and a variety of other surfaces, then the outside shots.

The first is on a lovely moss covered rock, then the gnarly tree root.

Here's my recently listed Flower pendant taken outside on the gnarly root and nestled in a Hens and Chicks plant.

Finally my slinky leaf pendant, which I thought was perfect for outdoor photograghy. It was actually the most difficult piece because it has so much movement, which is one of the things makes it so much fun to wear!

I just have to show you a full shot of this monster tree root, generously left here for me by the family we bought our house from. I'll be moving it at some point in to the garden area as a fantastic focal point, and I think it will be one of my favorite spots to photogragh my jewelry.