Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Things

Life is good!!!!!!!! I just received my most recent order of beauties from Happy Mango Beads I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

I got some gorgeous Large Bone Beads, I've gotten the brown ones before and made necklace I call Kenya, these are natural color and just as incredible. I've already have a design in mind (more than one actually) and this time the large bead will be dangling as a pendant and I've already played with stringing smaller bone beads, turquoise, lampwork, naga shell with an inlay of turquoise, red coral, PMC textured bead caps and some other smaller beads to fill in. I can't wait to put it all together. This is going to be neutral but a very bright neutral!

Here are a few pictures of my new stash, I thought about showing you my sketch but I think I'll leave it to the imagination for now.

Here is a group shot of the beauties!!! The Large Bone beads are gorgeous, there's some silver rings, faceted Mookait (YUM) medium Brown Bone Beads, Short Brown Bone Tube beads, Turquoise Heishi (which I use constantly).

And here are a couple of close ups! Mookaite

Turquoise and Brown Bone, so lucious together!!

And here is the finished project using the Large Bone Beads.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still a little Neutral

But I couldn't help it. I've had these copper/bronze coins made up for a long time and it sort of came to me in a dream. Well it came to me as I was drifting off to sleep, close enough!

I experimented with using copprclay and bronzclay like you put 2 colors of polymer clay together to make a cane. I think I went a little too far but they are pretty cool. The beautiful lampwork beads bring more color to the necklace although it's very muted. I have more coins I plan on making coordinating earrings. They won't have the same lampwork beads because I used all I had in the necklace.

It took me awhile to put these lampwork beads with them and I love these beads so much, they are from BeadAddicts and I'me very happy to have finally used them in my work.

Also, I'm sad that my favorite local bead store is closing. I went yesterday and bought way too much but I'm so happy with what I got. Some beautiful Clay beads that will go perfect with my work, some Nut beads, Bronze and Silver Freshwater Pearls and quite a few really pretty Sterling Toggle Claps that I've had my eye on for awhile. Here's my new stash..I know I know Neutral again. :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stuck in Neutral

Being stuck in neutral is not a bad thing, I am quite happy with my last few pieces but...I'm going to make a really colorful piece next time. Really I am!!

This necklace is based around a flower made of BronzClay, I made it some time ago and it's gone through a few different lives but I think I finally found the final configuration.

It's got a long list of ingredients starting with little splashes of Turquoise, then beautiful big Ryolite ovals, Polymer Clay beads (the first time I've used them in my work) and an assortment of Glass, Bone, Horn, Indian Orange Aventurine and gold and purple freshwater pearls.

Bronze Flower Necklace


Sunday, July 18, 2010


My focus is Precious Metal Clay and I'm sure always will be. But that doesn't mean I can have some fun with some straight beading projects.

Last week I did what I called a "Random" necklace which sold very quickly, has to be a record for me. So since I had another large Tibetan Amber bead, which was it's focal, I thought I'd try another one. Although it has many of the same components it has some new colors which give it a completely different look I think. The first was quite neutral, this one has more purples and gold in place of the neutrals and I quite like the difference.

Here are all the beads I collected, the result of looking through just about every stash of beads I have.

Here is the finished project.

Here is the original piece.

Thanks to Happy Mango Beads where I got the beautiful Tibetan Amber focal and I'm sure some of the other beads. Magpie Gemstones where many of the other stone beads came from. It's amazing how much wonderful supplies there are out there and these are 2 of my favorites!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breaking the silence

Sounds rather ominous, but it's really not. It's just that it's been such a long time since I've posted to this poor neglected blog. It's certainly not due to a lack of things to say!! That's never been a problem for me!

Before I talk about my jewelry I'll talk about my most exciting news, I have a new Husband. My boyfriend of nearly 3 years and I hopped off to Vegas and got hitched a few weeks ago. Sorry no Elvis!! (we thought about it!) We had a great time and life is good!! Now that all the madness is done I can get back to my most favorite past time, making jewelry!

What do I talk about first, the stunning little glass beads made to order for me by Kelley's Beads or the soft and beautiful Lotus Seed Prayer Beads from Happy Mango...they are both wonderful and compliment my Serengeti Giraffe texture focal made out of Precious Metal Clay resulting in a Pure Silver pendant.

The texture on the Silver is a lovely subtle what I consider to be a Giraffe texture, even the smoothest parts have some interesting texture. A beautiful subtle Animal print that's not in your face.

Kelley's beads have beautiful olive green and metalic swirled around them on a base of Ivory, a perfect match to the soft and beautiful speckled Lotus Seed beads.

Kristi Gruel
Formerly Kristi Bowman