Thursday, February 28, 2013

AJE February Component of the Month REVEAL

AJE's own Francesca Watson made beautiful Enameled Focals for the month of February!

I paired Francesca's beautiful pinky mauve focal with one of my Paisley Copper rings, and nested the pendant between a couple of snakeskin end caps.
Lovely and rustic pink Rhodochrosite roundelles, and neutral glass beads round off the piece.

I just love all the personality in this beautiful focal!

I was even lucky enough to have some adorable little Rhodochrosite pair to make matching earrings.

Please take a moment to enjoy all the other creations using Francesca's beautiful focal!!

There's still time to enter for our next Challenge!


Monday, February 25, 2013


Check out what I was playing with this weekend on the

Here's peek but there's lots more!

Cocoons in Copper


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Focusing on Life - Monochromatic

This week the theme of Focusing on Life photography challenge is 


I actually didn't think I was going to have a post this week but I happened to spot the dried out heads on my Hydrangea bush and it hit me this was the perfect photo op.
These are the same Hydrangea I shared a couple of weeks ago when our focus was on
 that was spring, this is winter and they are both wonderful!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More I ♥ Headpins

Yesterday I revealed a bunch of new headpins HERE,
 and I made even more new ones that I'm sharing today!
I'm obsessed with Headpins I guess, I've got more ideas swimming around in my brain.
This is the mess that comes out of the kiln and tumbler.
They have to be bent to fit in the kiln and then the tumbler really twists them around.

Here's is a sampling of all the ones in this batch.
No Liver of Sulfur or Torching, natural copper. Haven't decided if I'll leave them this way or not.

Starfish with Shell on the reverse side, the first pair is what the back of the Starfish looks like.
The Starfish Headpins are listed HERE

2 different ammonite,
 the pair in the center with the Starburst is what all the reverse of the Ammonite look like.

Flower/flower, one is the front one is the reverse.


I ♥ Headpins

Very excited to share my new Headpins!!

Bee with Starburst

Bee with Heart on Reverse

Tribal with Starburst on reverse

Tribal with Starburst on Reverse 

Double Bee (be on both sides)
My New Headpins are already in a wonderful Headpin Treasury!!

'Handmade Headpins' by thecuriousbeadshop

Handmade Headpins - as seen on

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing with Color

I've had this color patina for months and months that I received from the lovely
 Lisa Liddy of MetalMeThis and I keep meaning to give it a try!
 Finally I played with it and I think it's very cool!
 Putting color on the same designs and textures I've already been making
 (and some new ones) puts a whole new spin on them.

Turquoise Lace

Turquoise Tribal Discs

Saphire Tribal Tabs

Turquoise Tribal Sticks
I've also got some bronze ready to be photographed and listed, hope to get that done today.
 I might take a few of these pieces to color as well before listing them.

Some starfish, trilobite, ammonite discs and ovals in 2 kinds of sea urchin and paisley.

Drops of Jupiter
And my newest pair of earrings!

Please let me know what you think, I love feedback!