Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Check out this wonderful Challenge hosted by Sally Russick using one of my Copper Components and a  wonderful mix of beads!

Click HERE to go to Sally's Blog and Hop from there.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

The Rufous Hummingbirds are finally back in the neighborhood,
 nice to hear the purr of the Rufous as they zip around the yard.

We still have our wonderful Anna's who stayed around all winter.

Here's a lovely Flicker taking advantage of my upside down suet feeder.

We just put up the Owl Box too, so maybe one of these days I'll have an Owl to share. I've never seen one in the neighborhood but I hear them quite often.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

White Copper OH YA!!

I couldn't be more excited to have found the newest Metal Clay, White Copper. You all know how I love Copper and I really like this White Copper too. I use Silver every now and again but the cost is out of line for me, I have to list things at a higher price than I'd like and higher than most of you out there are willing to pay. To me this White Copper is a good alternative. It looks and feels like regular Copprclay until it's fired and then it's like beautiful Antiqued Silver or even Pewter.

Here they are side by side

White Copper Clay on the left and regular Copprclay on the right.
I marked the outside of the package just to be sure I would remember which was which.

Once fired the resemblance vanishes!

This was my first test batch. Since then I've done an entire load of just White Copper.

Some new pieces and some of my favorites pulled out of the "vault" for use in White Copper.
I'm feverishly working to get them all listed, I've got a good chunk of them ready to go but I'm about to go blind from editing pictures. I'll have them all listed by tomorrow morning!

I created a new section in my shop just for these new White Copper pieces.
Click HERE to see what I have listed so far and check back tomorrow for the rest.

Customers within the European Union: Please be aware that this item contains nickel and may not be in compliance with EU regulation EN1811-2011.