Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BTW Sea Urchin

Making a nice assortment of Sea Urchin components in lots of shapes and sizes,
bordering on Sea Urchin Palooza I think!
 Along with the usual Snakeskin and Ammonite etc etc...

Shooting to fire it all tonight, just a little more clean up to do,
add a couple of bails make holes in the bead caps....
We'll see if I get them in the kiln tonight.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silver Silver Silver

Got most of the new Silver pieces listed. Silver is so expensive I remember why I don't use it much any more and fortunately I love Copper.
But these pieces are gorgeous, for the most part what seem to be the favorite shapes and textures.

I also discovered my latest Garage Sale Find
 makes a terrific background for photos!!

Garage Sale Find

My husband and I spent a few hours doing the garage sale hop.  The one and only thing we/I found was at one of the first ones we stopped at, the rest of them didn't have anything even remotely tempting. We even just did drive by's on several of them.

I've been looking for an old book for some time to use as texture on my metal, I should be able to roll the PMC out right on to the book. Old books have so much character. This is an old very old King James Bible with what I think is a leather binding. It's got lovely tooling on it front and back. It's also got an inscription inside from 1864. This poor book is in pretty bad shape but I think it's so cool!! I'll have to research the names a bit and see what I might find.

The front is not attached to the binding, poor old book has been around for a long time.


Silver in the Kiln

Almost ready to come out!!
 Hope to get them tumbled, patinated and listed later today, some of them anyway.

Glowing at about 1550 degrees!


I Heart Macro

Mostly Roses today, they are just so awesome and very photogenic I can't resist snapping them all the time.

Here's an amazing Butterfly Bush, love how they make the whole yard smell like Honey!!
It's no wonder they attract Butterfly and all the other garden wonders.

studio waterstone

Friday, August 26, 2011


Here's the copper I've been working on this week, I'm mostly showing you the new or newer pieces. I had a very full load so I'll be updating the shop most of the weekend. Wish I had time this morning but have to leave for work very soon. Was lucky I managed to get a few group shots.

Bottom left clockwise,  Large Urchin pendant, single hole drops in a new texture, another Urchin Pendant with 2 holes, Large Ammonite Pendant with large bail and Small 2 hole Ammonite drops.

Love the new texture on these drops, a little flower and a little heart, very delicate and pretty.

I envision the above Ammonite piece as a bracelet but I can certainly see it as a pendant with a dangle.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Featuring Sandy Cahill Johnson of SCJ Jewelry Design

This weeks featured Artist is Sandy Cahill Johnson, she makes wonderful earthy, unique jewelry using natural organic stones and metals. I've always admired her beautiful creations and I'm happy to share it with you.

You can see all of Sandy's work and purchase it at her Etsy Shop, visit her Blog
 and join her on her Facebook Page

Now for the goods, here are some of her wonderful designs, ENJOY!

Thanks for taking a look and please let Sandy know you appreciate her work.


Bead Table Wednesday

It's shocking I know, but I'm going to share some of my Copper Work in Progress, I've always got copper going at some stage so it only makes sense to share it. But don't miss my newest stone beads at the end.

 As usual re-stocking the shop, some special and pre-orders and a few new. This time I have some larger Sea Urchins in somewhat of a free form shape and a Large Ammonite piece that I envision as a bracelet but it could easily be a pendant with a place to put a fun dangle. I have lots and lots of cleaning and filing to do to it all but I'm shooting for a possible Thursday night firing.

I love taking pictures of beads, so much fun!

From the center there is Natural Golden Coral Rounds, then Barrel shape Mexican Turquoise, a strand of yummy Red Bamboo Coral, Howlite Heishi and last but not least beautiful Green Yellow Howlite.
 These beads were purchased from ExcellentGem, very happy with what I received and they were nice and cooperative sellers. I added the Green Yellow Howlite in at the last moment before shipping.

Check out the other BEAD TABLE WEDNESDAY participants on Flickr.


Monday, August 22, 2011

I got my Bead Soup Ingredients

Yipppeeeee I got my Bead Soup ingredients today. Jenny did a wonderful job packaging everything up! It's a rainy gloomy day and I really struggled getting nice pictures.
 I'll have to take new ones when the sun is out a bit more, hopefully tomorrow.

Souper packaging!!

I love these Blue Beads, I want more!!

Awesome discs and little spiney oyster beads!

Look at that amazing focal, and the jasper pumpkins and the copper clasp...OH YA!!
Time is running out on my Post 400 Sale Giveaway
I'm drawing the name tomorrow!