Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Heart Macro

Beautiful Butterfly on my Butterfly Bush!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WBW - Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

I've also been lucky enough to get a juvenile Flicker being fed by it's mother.
It was a very quick moment and I barely got this photo through the window,
an action shot for sure!
 The funny thing is he was having a nice meal at the Suet feeder
and she made him stop so she could feed him.

Male Juvenile Flicker and Mama.

AND my Female Downy Woodpecker (below) is getting lots of screen time,
I'm happy to say I see her more than once a day now,
 I only wish she'd bring some friends, but maybe I'm asking for too much.
Maybe one day!

Female Downy Woodpecker

She goes from the bird feeder to the suet feeder and back again
 and once in awhile stops on this old branch I have attached to the top of my chain link
 which is smack dab in front of my camera! Isn't she generous!
What a cutie!

Juvenile Nuthatch

Another action shot,
a Juvenile Nuthatch finished taking a drink and he's ready for lift off!

Thanks for visiting me on the new
Wild Bird Wednesday.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Tapestry in Copper

New Copper Components,
some are listed some will be listed in the near future.
If you see something you want that isn't listed feel free to let me know.

I'm having fun combining some of the Ammonite and Urchin textures with what I call Tapestry,
 a cool Leather and Lace kind of combination.

Tapestry Shards, textured on both sides.

Deco Feathers

End Caps in Tapestry and Ammonite

Working on some end caps too, very time comsuming but I love them!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Heart Macro - Hydrangea

My favorite Hydrangea,
it was here when we moved in 2 years ago so I have no idea what it's called.

Butterfly bush have the strangest scent of honey,
just looking at the picture I can almost smell it!

Beautiful Rose!


studio waterstone

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mystery Giveaway Winners!!!

Yup, I said winners!!!
I decided to giveaway 2 mystery packages instead of just one.
Thank you to all who entered and shared!!!

The winners are Sherri of Knot Just Macrame

and Kimberly of NuminosityBeads

I'm not going to show you what I chose to send them, I want them to be surprised!!!

Congratulations Sherri and Kimberly!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Puget Sound Bead Festival 2012

This past weekend, I met my beady friend
Linda Landig at the
 Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma Washington.

I wasn't feeling my best that day but we had a great time just the same!!!
I neglected to take many pictures while I was there but I have lots of beautiful beads to show for it.

It's a good sized show with lots of wonderful booths to shop at.
I picked up some beautiful and unusual goodies.

I spotted these wonderful Carved Coral beads early on from
They were my splurge, we swung around to them after we finished and I picked up a strand,
 Linda liked them too so we split them.

Love these rustic beads from Wynwoods Gallery

I got these from Wynwoods too!
They have a store in Port Townsend too, I hope to make it there one day!

Beautiful Glass Beads from Unicorne Beads
love all the beautiful drops!

You know I love discs, I couldn't resist these beauties from

More from Sonoran Beads, look at those Starfish!!
And those 2 in front are actually bead caps!!!

Wish I had more pictures of the actual event but that's the way it goes.
I'm planning to try to be a vendor next year!

I also brought one of my big trays with some of my copper inventory to tempt Linda even more,
when we got back to the parking lot I popped the car hatch
 and we had fun going through it all and talking about it all!
 We don't get to do that in person very often!

I had a great time with Linda as always
 and spending the day looking at beautiful beads is always a good thing!

I'm also having a giveaway at my blog

Easy to enter, just comment and share!!!
I'm drawing a name at the end of TODAY (July 18)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WBW - Nuthatch Etc.

My first photo of a Nuthatch, I've never seen them at my feeder
 so I'm thrilled to not only see one but get his picture!!!

Here is one with a Finch I believe on the other side,
the Finch is very comfortable but the Nuthatch keeps moving around like it's thinking "this thing is broken", he wants to hang upsidedown and snack lol

Not long after I caught the first one on Film, I saw 2!!!

So cute!

Now this Spotted Towhee was exibiting what to me was weird behavior.
At first I thought there was something wrong with him,
he was eating then he'd stop and sit there with his mouth open and he kept listing to the left,
a little more and a little more.

Then he'd have a little more to eat then he listed even more!!
Then he got up, everything was fine. Maybe he was just sunning himself, I've never seen it before.

One of my Stellar's Jays showing me his beautiful feathers.
I think this is one of the babies almost fully feathered out now,
 at another angle you could still see some fluff sticking out to the side.

I got another cute picture of this little Spotted Sandpiper when I was on the neighboring property trying to get a good picture of the young Red Tailed Hawk.
I heard the Hawk numerous times but by the time I get over there with my camera he's nowhere to be seen.

And I'll finish with this crazy kid, just out of the bird bath.
This little one had so much fun and I had fun watching him!


Join the other birders for

Monday, July 16, 2012


Click HERE to see winners!
Thank you!

I got some new super cool Stickers from Moo and I thought I'd announce them with a giveaway!!

Aren't they cool!!!
Those who've purchased from me will recognize the little handmade envelopes I've been using for a long time! Usually I tie them with Raffia but now they will be close with my new super cool Sticker!

So I decided to pack up several items and give them away!!!!!!!

Good idea huh!?!?

I'm not going to show you what's inside...
you get to be surprised what you receive!
I might even include some of the lovely beads I recently purchased at the
 Pugest Sound Bead Festival this past weekend.

To enter
Leave a comment here on this blog (of course)

Share on FB leave another comment with a link,

Share on Twitter, leave ANOTHER comment with a link,

Share on your blog...leave ANOTHER comment with a link,

You get the idea, share comment, share comment!

I'll also enter you in my drawing for each item you purchase from either my

if you win and I can't contact you I'll have to choose another winner.

If you want to purchase from moo, use this link for 10% off!

Thanks everybody!
Have fun!


Oh almost forgot, I'll announce the winner on Thursday July 19th!!!

Ready.... SET...... GOOOOO!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


In my last post I showed some of the pre-fired bits I was working on. They've all been fired and most of them listed and some of them sold! But here they are!
Thanks for coming back to see the results of my latest firing!

I also want to share some earrings I made for the Earrings Everyday Blog last week,
 with the flower headpins I made a week or so and gorgeous Lampwork by Andrea Guarino-Slemmons!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Working on...

Copper, headpins and beads.
Trying hard to get them ready to fire tonight otherwise I might have to wait a couple days,
I don't want to have to wait!!!

I'm having lots of fun with these beads but they take so much time.
I think this Ammonite one is going to ROCK!!

And a cute little Sea Urchin Bead!

Paisley Leaf Headpins
(paisley on both sides)

These Round Headpins have Paisley on one side and Houndstooth on the other,
I love these 2 textures together, one soft and feminine one hard and angular!

I have lots of other stuff to fire too!!