Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AJE October Component Reveal

Finally getting my reveal done for the October AJE Component Challenge.

Ammonite Circles, Paisley Earring Bails, Lampwork Ruffle beads by Meital
and Amazing Beaded Beads by Kristen Stevens!

Here is a list of all the participants in this challenge!
Have fun!

And our special guests


WBW Backyard Birds

I have alot fewer birds around the feeder these days but I still have quite a few Spotted Towhees,
they don't often stay still enough to get a good picture but this one posted quite nicely for just long enough for me to snap. I am wondering if this is still a juvenile, it doesn't look completely feathered out.

I see Flickers often but not hanging from a seed feeder, they usually go for the suet but at the time the Pileated had taken over that spot.

This male was finished feeding at the suet and seemed to be watching and waiting at the top of the post. Notice this one is banded, I don't have much information but I went to this website and put in the information I had, http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/BBL/bblretrv/
I could tell he was getting ready to take off and was hoping I could capture a good action shot...

Nope, this was the only action I caught, one big blur!

He was waiting for this female to come in, she landed in a nearby tree right before the male took off and then took her turn. I hope this lovely couple gives me a baby next year!!

They always seem to take the step by step approach to arriving at the suet.
I'll hear/see on at the top of a distant tree cackling away, then it will move to the top of a closer tree, then I might see the other one land on the tree the first one left and they change trees every couple of minutes getting closer to the suet post. It's a joy to watch!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coming Soon

Large Maple Leaf focal,
I also have one with 2 holes.

The above pieces will be toggles once I make create the wire portion.

Hearts with Feathers running through them.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WBW - Yosemite Birds and more

Love this shot of this Acron Woodpecker just dropping from the tree branch, must be wonderful to fly!!

Acorn Woodpecker working hard to find just the right hole for this Acorn.

This is the Granary tree that most of my Woodpecker photos were taken on.

Red Tailed Hawk

These Dragonfly were flying all over the place, didn't think I was gonna catch a shot of any of them until this nice one landed in the grass. I believe it's a Green Darner.

Half Dome at sunset

Baby Bear on the side of the road, there was a mama bear too but I wasn't able to get many good pictures, this was by far the best.

Lots of Deer, these 2 fawn are my favorite photo.

Squirrel chilling out in the sun, so used to people, we didn't phase it until we got very close.

Tiny little squirrel.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do Over Challenge Blog Hop

I am not part of the Do Over Challenge Blog Hop but looks like so much fun I have to share it!
I also wanted to share the wonderful Bracelet
 Patti Vanderbloemen created for the challenge using my Paisley Spiral End Caps.

You gotta go check out the rest of the hoppers, there's some great stuff to enjoy!
It's alot of fun to see jewelry get a second chance in life!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Copper Toggle Mania

I made 6 toggle clasps in my last Copper firing, here they are!

Rise of Autumn

I was included in this lovely treasury, I thought it was so nice I wanted to share it!

'Rise Of Autumn' by bluemarblebeading

I am blessed to live in New England and Autumn is by far the most breathtaking time of the year here. Surounded by the rich colors of the season, this treasury is my ode to Autumn.

Sparrow Bird Photography Chi...
Copper Turquoise Felt Flower...
Handmade Copper Deco Feather...
Farm Tractor in October - 8x...
Distressed Honey Brown Sheep...
Falling Feathers Cowl - Aqua...
equinox necklace quartz citr...
Melon Orange and Turquoise B...
Topaz Night Flower Hair Acce...
The Story of Trees and Bark....
Twig Warmers, hand knitted i...
Autumn Earrings, Fall, Red J...
Glass BHB Beads of Passion L...
rustic ceramic bowl Seconds ...
Rich Gold Swallow Pendant Ne...
autumn bracelet nature photo...