Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where have I been!!!

Where have I been, it's a long story. I last posted on December 25th, that's over 2 months ago. A very long 2 months for me. To make a long story short I spent Christmas with a cold that turned in to Pneumonia by New Years. By the time I finally kicked the Pneumonia I got a sinus infection. I'm just getting my energy back but everything takes me longer these days but I hope to be back at full speed soon.

I have been working for short periods lately and I have some new stuff to share. I will be working on listing them this weekend but if you want anything give me a shout, no need to wait until I get them listed!

That's it for the new Colorful Copper.
Here's some beautiful copper that has not been colored.

That's most of my new work. As you can see even though Valentines Day has passed I had fun making embossed hearts and seeing which textures worked for the center of the heart.

Hope you enjoyed my bit of Eye Candy and hope I'll be back soon.

I almost forgot, I was planning to switch my blog over at the first of the year but none of my year end plans happened so please click HERE to follow my new blog, I changed my business name from DreamSomeDesigns to KristiBowmanDesign quite awhile ago and I'm finally getting to changing the last few things. I'll be transferring it over in the near future and hope I don't lose any of my wonderful followers!