Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Babies and more babies!!! Wild Bird Wednesday

All of my babies are fledged. 3 of the 5 Violet-green swallow eggs made it to fledging this year!

Pciture from my Violet-green Swallow Nestcam - day 9
Violet-Green Swallow baby checking out the big world around it a few days before fledging!

Violet-Green Swallow Fledgling #1

# 1 fledged and flapped around for only a few minutes before taking off and flying 2-3 feet off the ground out of sight with a parent right behind.

I did not see #2 fledge.

Violet-Green Swallow Fledgling #3
VGS baby #3 took a little longer. It officially fledged the following day.

3 gorgeous Dark-eyed Juno eggs I found in on of my Strawberry baskets. Of course I had to hook up a camera to it too!
This nest overlapped a bit with the VGS but only by a few days.

3 brand new baby Juncos!

Junco babies a few days old, they grow incredibly fast and fledge in only 12-13 days.

Day 13 right on schedule. I managed to snap a few shots of the babies out of the nest cup wandering around in the basket before they fledged.

Amazing baby Junco right before fledging.
All 3 successfully fledged. I hope to spot them in my yard but haven't so far.

This is the view I have of the basket from inside my house so once they got out of the nest cup I could get great pictures without disturbing them at all.

Even though all my nests are empty there are a ton of babies to watch.
Not much cuter than a tiny baby Chickadee!!!

Chestnut-backed baby below left and adult up top and Black-capped Juvenile on the bottom right.!

I even caught this baby Black-headed Grosbeak being fed by mom. 
Right before this I saw her being fed by dad then she went to the suet and ate on her own then mom showed up and fed her too. She's being well taken care of for sure!

I suspected this was a dad and daughter and when I caught him feeding her I knew for sure!
I believe this is the first Pileated Woodpecker fledgling I've seen, at least that I know of.
So happy to have them at my feeder!

I kept track of both nests on this website which was great.
I get to have lots of fun and shard data of 2 nests as well!

Until next year!!!!