Monday, December 31, 2012

Labyrinths revealed, AJE December Component of the Month

This month's Component of the Month is an awesom Labyrinth piece from Jenny Davies Reazor.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish mine, I love the look but it's not mechanically sound yet. I woke up at 3am this morning with an idea of how to do just that so if you have a chance to stop by later today or tomorrow I hope to have a much improved piece.
I'm going to make more wire tubes to connect the focal to the wire and make it more mechanically sound, I'll improve on the connection of the smaller wire spiral to the larger one as well and add another set to finish the bracelet.
I decided to post the unfinished bracelet because I know we all go through this process, sometimes very frustrating when it doesn't work quite the way we want but we persevere!!!

Here is my first re-vamped connection,
I love the look but let me tell you it's not going together easily!!
Definitely a journey in to the Labyrinth lol!

Check out the other creations using this wonderful Labyrinth Focal

This months guests of honor:

And participating AJE team members:


Monday, December 17, 2012

52 Earrings

All this year I've been participating in a Flickr group challenging artists to create 52 earrings during the year, technically 1 per week but I certainly didn't post mine weekly. I just posted pair number 52, I wanted to finish a little early because there's so much going on the last few weeks of the year.

 we're working on creating a similar challenge
 where you can link your creations to a special pinterest group and to our blog bi-weekly.
Watch for details coming up in the new year.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Lotus Earrings

My new obsession is Lotus, Lotus Flower, Lotus Root!! I recently made some new pieces inspired by these and shared them last week in this Blog Post. I should have made more because I immediately wanted to save the 1 pair I made of each of these to create jewelry,
 but I'm working on more and the components are available for Pre-Order in my Etsy Shop.

Here are the earrings I created using these new components.

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

Using gorgeous Headpins by GeneaBeads that looks like water or dew drops and I think are a perfect combination to these Copper Lotus Flowers.

Here are the Lotus Root Pinwheel earrings.

Lotus Root Pinwheels

Both pair are available in my Etsy Shop.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goldie Bronze

A long long time ago I won some Goldie Bronze from Val Lewis
I'm just now giving it a try.
So many wonderful things to try, so little time!
I didn't make anything brand new,
 I used some of my favorite scratch foam textures that I've created to test it out.

Below is a Lotus Root in Goldie Bronze on the Left and Copper on the Right.

handmade copper and bronze lotus root kristi bowman design

Right away the most obvious difference is the size. I used the same mold I created for both.
Shrinkage for Goldie Bronze is about 5% and for CopprClay about 20%.
I'll definitely have to keep that in mind in the future because many of my pieces I create for earrings pairs will be too big using Goldie Bronze. I'll have to do some downsizing.
Although the larger size is good for pendants.

Below is one of my Elephants, Goldie Bronze above and CopprClay below.

My little tiny elephant is not so tiny any more.
Bronzie Gold Elephant is about 1.75" from nose to tail
Copper Elephant is 1.25" nose to tail.
I did get some nice color on the bronze, especially on the Lotus Root above.

There are some other more subtle differences between the 2, it's a powder you have to mix which isn't bad at all. The texture is different, when in clay form it's a bit grittier I guess and when it's dry it's much more rigid and actually files away easier.

I was also hoping for some cool color straight from the kiln, I've seen some other people get some wonderful greens and really wonderful rustic finishes but I did not. I had to tumble them for at least an hour and then I torched them to get a little warmth and color.
Thank you Lesley Watt for remind me about the firing schedule. It's a 2 step firing but both are very quick. One drawback is the first step you can only do a single layer, you can stack layers during the second stage so I think I'd do a few batches of the first firing and combine them all during the second phase.

Bottom line I like it, everything sintered and I got no blistering which is a problem I've been having with BronzClay so I quit using it quite some time ago.

If anybody out there has used Goldie Bronze I'd love to see it,
please leave a link in your comments so we can all go take a look!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Obsession

Somehow I got myself on a Lotus kick, Lotus Flower, Lotus Root and along with that I've had a Hamsa design in the back of my mind for awhile so I did that too. Found the shapes I liked and drew them freehand on to the scratch foam, ya that scratch foam again!! Love that stuff!
 It's opened up a whole new world for me and there's so much more I can do with it,
 just have to find the time!

Here's the Lotus Flower,
simple and beautiful.

Handmade Copper Lotus Flower Kristi Bowman Design

I didn't even put holes in them because I couldn't figure out where I wanted them, I'll add them now.

And here's the Lotus, such an interesting shape.

I can see these used as a disc or strung through one of the outer holes.

Here's my Hamsa!

Handmade Copper Hamsa Kristi Bowman Design

I didn't want to put a bail or use hump rings so I made it so I can wrap wire around and attach earwire across. Only made one pair (for me!!) until I saw how they came out. I'll make more and hopefully somebody besides me will want to work with them.
They are 1.75" long and 1.25 across at the widest point.

In all my searching for Hamsa I never saw it done in this way so I think this is something new and fresh.
I hope you like them.

One last thing to share, not so new but...

Elephants are now in pairs and ready to ship!


Monday, December 3, 2012


It's rare I consider my work cute but I crossed over to the cute side for a couple of the pieces I fired last night.



Handmade Copper Elephant Kristi Bowman Design

I only made one of these cuties, wanted to see how it turned out before I made more. I think this little one was a success. I made him on scratch foam need to make his mirror image so I can provide pairs as well as singles.



Handmade Copper Mittens Kristi Bowman Design

Handmade Copper Mittens Kristi Bowman Design

Oh I love these chubby little mittens!!

I also made these new shapes/textures!

Kristi Bowman Design Flower Arrowhead

Handmade Copper Shard Arrowhead Kristi Bowman Design

Handemade Copper Tuxedo Shard Kristi Bowman Design


Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's the weekend...

So that means I'm creating more new shapes and textures!
 I did alot today, spent a ton of time scratching on that scratch foam. So I thought I'd share some of them.
I was hoping to fire tonight but ran out of steam. These all still need cleaned up....tomorrow!

Sort of a flower of snowflake texture in the center.

Shield shapes, the one in the center I'll call Tuxedo.


More sort of Ulu shapes, I really like this general shape but these are different than the others I've made.

I was just playing with putting together different shapes and when I put these together I thought they looked like Owl Eyes. So when I textured them that's what I was going for. Not too sure about them yet, I'll hold out judgment until they are fired. Sometimes that can make a huge difference.

I'll definitely get these and more fired tomorrow night so look for some of the finished pieces on Monday.