Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Obsession

Somehow I got myself on a Lotus kick, Lotus Flower, Lotus Root and along with that I've had a Hamsa design in the back of my mind for awhile so I did that too. Found the shapes I liked and drew them freehand on to the scratch foam, ya that scratch foam again!! Love that stuff!
 It's opened up a whole new world for me and there's so much more I can do with it,
 just have to find the time!

Here's the Lotus Flower,
simple and beautiful.

Handmade Copper Lotus Flower Kristi Bowman Design

I didn't even put holes in them because I couldn't figure out where I wanted them, I'll add them now.

And here's the Lotus, such an interesting shape.

I can see these used as a disc or strung through one of the outer holes.

Here's my Hamsa!

Handmade Copper Hamsa Kristi Bowman Design

I didn't want to put a bail or use hump rings so I made it so I can wrap wire around and attach earwire across. Only made one pair (for me!!) until I saw how they came out. I'll make more and hopefully somebody besides me will want to work with them.
They are 1.75" long and 1.25 across at the widest point.

In all my searching for Hamsa I never saw it done in this way so I think this is something new and fresh.
I hope you like them.

One last thing to share, not so new but...

Elephants are now in pairs and ready to ship!



  1. I love the lotus flower, but the pod is my favorite. When I was in high school art class our teacher had tons of these and I love sketching them.

  2. You're on a roll with some wonderful new shapes, Kristi! I was on a supply moratorium but those lotus slices are incredible! Just Wow!

  3. AM loving all the new stuff you are coming up with. Those discs have so much potential!