Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Quite a day for me today!

My first

Violet-green Swallow

Preening here and 

Preening there

Beautiful little thing!!


While not a first I've never had so many Evening Grosbeak at my feeder.
I managed to get 6 of them in this shot but there were at least a dozen or more.

This lovely young man was waiting his turn up in the tree,
gave me a wonderful portrait!
My yard is absolutely teaming with them, I saw a good dozen under my feeder this afternoon when I got home from work and I can hear many more in the trees!!
I'm more than excited to have so many of these beauties around me this year.


  1. The Swallow is beautiful and how lovely to have so many Grosbeaks at your feeder. Great photos.

  2. Awesome pics! Thanks so much or sharing. I really have to put up a feeder and sart feeding the birds here again, I miss them.

  3. Beautiful birds, love the swallow and the Evening Grosbeaks are awesome.

  4. I LOVE the group of the grosbeaks!!! How awesome is that?!!!

  5. That little swallow is a darling and so well captured , showing that pretty green. I am always amazed when bird visit my garden in flocks. Your grosbeaks are charming.

  6. WOW! They are great birds - that grosbeak is a remarkable bird! I'd love to see one, let alone a dozen!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Neat shots. Love the Swallow series. Preening!!
    We have tons of Black-headed Grosbeak but no evening grosbeaks. Weird, huh! MB

  8. Oh my gosh, incredible yard birds, wow!! I can't believe you got such good shots of the swallows sitting still...they never do that for me. And the goldfinch are wonderful and make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest.

  9. Fabulous shots of these beautiful birds.

  10. Such beautiful birds! And now that I've been to your house I know exactly where these birds were and where you were when taking these pics. That makes me happy to picture it!