Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

I don't see the Pileated often enough so very happy when this boy visited my Suet.

Extreme close up, they are amazing!!

After visiting the suet he spent some time pounding on the ground.
 I was frustrated I couldn't get a clear shot of him through the chain link. This was by far the best of the lot.

A little fledgling hunkered down under this bush having a rest.
Song Sparrow is my guess???

Another view of this cute little one.

I think this might be the same Fledgling taken the next day. Bathing in the rain.

From a large Pileated to a tiny Anna's Hummingbird
This little Anna's at the feeder.
Looks a little bit downy so I think it might be a young one.

I have at least 2 Anna's that spend time in and around my Butterfly bush. They have favorite branches so I am constantly scanning to see if they are perched there. They often zoom around each other at the feeders too, such a joy to watch.

One of a number of Juvenile Stellar's Jay, they are so much fun!
I sure love these teeny boppers!

You can't see it very well but this is a Cedar Waxwing, my first!!
Not a good picture but you can be sure I'm pretty excited to have finally seen one!



  1. Beautiful photos--as always!
    I love cedar waxwings and have a funny story of something a relative witnessed. A flock of waxwings flew in and started devouring a tree full of sour cherries. The cherries were bloated due to several days of rain and had begun to ferment. One by one the birds started drunkenly falling from the tree. A neighbor girl took pity on them and gathered them into a large cardboard box and put them on a screened in porch until they could sober up (and avoid being eaten by the large cat that had taken notice of their plight)!

  2. Cedar Waxwings are my favorites, too. They look like little stealth birds. I've seen them pass a berry along a line of 5 or 6 birds until the last in line ate it. Funny behavior!

  3. Cute birds, great photos.
    Well done!

  4. Oh fab photos! Love the pileated and hummer!

  5. Nice find with the Pileated. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. It looks like you've got lots of feathered friends, Kristi!!
    I especially love that little hummingbird. Such a precious little ones they are.

  7. A great variety of beautiful birds to visit your yard and feeder. I especially like the Hummingbird.

  8. Beautiful photos, the Pileated and the hummingbird are great.

  9. Great birds, I love the Pileated and the pretty hummingbird. Congrats on your Waxwing sighting. They are beautiful birds.

  10. I love the pileated and the hummingbird.

  11. You have quite a variety of beautiful birds visiting your feeders. Great captures.

  12. HI Kristi Just came upon your blog through WBW and loved the post. Such a selection of birds you have in your garden. The woodpecker is amazing and the Humming birds are great to see so close. I love seeing and finding young birds even though they sometimes are difficult to ID. How joined now so that I can see more birds from your garden. Margret

  13. You really got very close to the Pileated and the juvenile Stellar Jay is adorable~

  14. What a lovely selection of birds, but I drool over the Pileated Woodpecker. I have been told that they do live in our area, but I have never seen one. I dream of the day one would arrive at my feeder ... Great pictures ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol