Friday, September 19, 2014

We're All Ears :: September Reveal

I absolutely adore this months Inspiration!!!
I love Macro photography and I love Lichen and Moss!!

Erin took some amazing pictures and here are the earrings I made!
I let time get away from me and didn't really do what I wanted but I'm happy with them.

I made the copper pieces and actually had quite a few beads/stones that would work well but I chose these cool Rainforest Agate beads to finish them off!



  1. These are gorgeous! (But now you have me curious as to what you wanted to do.)

    1. I'll try to make them one day if I can remember. The design came to me while I was lying in bed during a sleepless night, I made them in my mind a few times but since I didn't get up and make them for real I'm not sure I'll be able to re-create them. :)

  2. Nice work, Kristi! I really like the touch of patina in your copper pieces and the agate works so well with the inspiration.

  3. Fabulous. The copper leaves are awesome and you've paired them perfectly.

  4. Great earrings, love the leaf, the patina and the beautiful stone together!

  5. wonderful earrings and perfect for any season. your copper leaves are just amazing.

  6. Beautiful! Your copper work is always divine and the beads you choose to compliment are perfect :)

  7. Rainforest agate is so cleverly fitting. I love all of your handmade components, and these work perfectly with the beads to reflect the inspiration photo. Your artistry is so uniquely "you." I loved your comment about making earrings in your mind during a sleepless night. That's exactly what happened with me for this month's challenge. Lovely work, Kristi.

  8. Great earrings...I love the colors and name of the stones.."rainforest agate" how well those went with the challenge!