Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's get together

I'm excitedly getting ready to get together this weekend with other Metal Clay Artisans from the Puget Sound Area, more specifically a yahoo group "PugetSoundMetalClay". We've all talked online often and many of the members have met as they normally meet monthly if possible. I, of course, joined just before the holidays and I've found most groups took the month off, which they also did. So this will be my first meeting.

One of the members graciously volunteered for us to meet at her house, more specifically in her studio. We'll all bring our clay and tools and whatever else and work on it all together. The more experienced members will help those of us who are still new to the world of Precious Metal Clay. I'm really excited both to meet others with my interests and to learn new stuff.

We're going to learn how to make molds, which I could probably do on my own but I've kept putting it off. We'll be learning how to use fine silver posts that can be fired right on the PMC which is fabulous. I haven't done anything so far that I couldn't use a wire on. I actually prefer to wear wires myself but I need to broaden my skills because there are those out there who feel exactly the opposite, who prefer studs.

I got a fishing tackle box recently specifically for this purpose, so far it's working nicely. I might have to get another one specifically to put my BronzClay tools in since I've heard the tools should not be intermixed between Bronze and Silver clay.

I'll tell you all about the fun we had and post some pictures asap. We're going to have a blast!


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  1. I know you'll have a great time. It's a great bunch of women up there. Especially Deb Fitz.