Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 4 Jewelry Intensive

I can't believe it's almost over, I'm exhausted but don't want it to end. It's been such a fun week learning all kinds of new stuff and meeting 10 really wonderful people!!!

Day 4 mostly consisted of making a bold Sterling Silver band ring. For me it's either a thumb or middle finger ring and it's quite comfortable.

Starting with a strip of Sterling sheet I put it through the rolling mill with a piece of paper with little craft punch cut outs. It's amazing what texture you can get from rolling any number of things through with the silver. Here is the result...

Then measuring it to the proper size and sawing off the excess. Then work and work and shape and shape and pound and pound it in to somewhat of a round shape, the ends have to meet as flush as possible before they can be soldered together. This was the first solder I did without any help and I'm very pleased with it.

Next step, polish and sand and pound some more to make sure it is in completely round and take any rough spots down to a smooth buttery finish. Then I shaped the little flares on both sides which makes a wide band that much more comfortable. Here is the finished product...

This morning before class I am working on shaping links for a chain for my Ruby Pendant (day 2-3 project) so I'll be ready to piece it all together and solder it and then I can set the stone and it will be finished today.

I have started another bezel for a small Turquoise Cabachon that I may make in to a ring or a pendant, haven't actually decided. I'm thinking I'll add some sort of bronze or copper ornamentation to it to show off the lovely inclusions in the stone.



  1. Kristin, this is beautiful!! How do you flare the edges of the ring?

  2. Gorgeous - makes me want to get out my rolling mill again :)
    nic x