Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crazy for Turtles

I've been looking for turtle molds for some time, I recently shared some small Turtle Shells I made with one mold I found and I recently found a bigger mold.
The smaller ones are perfect for earrings, this baby is a pendant!!

Large Turtle Shell Pendant
Good size bail for beads, leather, heavy wire, silk, sari ribbon or any kind of fiber.
1.5 long 1 1/8" wide

Here are the small turtles in case you missed them.

Sorry I had to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Turtle Power reference in this post somewhere,
I do apologize! ;)
At least I didn't say "dude"!
Oh I guess I just did

Back to the serious stuff
I've also made some really rough ammonite pieces with great big holes,
I guess these would be considered donuts.

The patina gods were smiling today.
These were rolled out in somewhat of a round shape and then textured on the ammonite,
 gives them a very uneven and beautiful edge.
They are very roughly shaped at 1.5" in diameter, the one on the left a little smaller.
I may make a couple of these in to toggles!

I did the same with these below but put a jump ring hole instead of a big hole.
Love the rough organic shape.



  1. I love the turtles especially, they are a great design!

  2. Great stuff, Kristi! I love the turtle shells (heroes on a half-shell for sure, dude!) and the roughly shaped ammonites--very cool! xoxo