Monday, December 3, 2012


It's rare I consider my work cute but I crossed over to the cute side for a couple of the pieces I fired last night.



Handmade Copper Elephant Kristi Bowman Design

I only made one of these cuties, wanted to see how it turned out before I made more. I think this little one was a success. I made him on scratch foam need to make his mirror image so I can provide pairs as well as singles.



Handmade Copper Mittens Kristi Bowman Design

Handmade Copper Mittens Kristi Bowman Design

Oh I love these chubby little mittens!!

I also made these new shapes/textures!

Kristi Bowman Design Flower Arrowhead

Handmade Copper Shard Arrowhead Kristi Bowman Design

Handemade Copper Tuxedo Shard Kristi Bowman Design



  1. OH! I must have an elephant! My daughter is nuts about them. And thanks to you I just bought a bunch of scratch board. I am looking forward to playing with that and hope it will work for me! Enjoy the day, Miss Kristi! Erin

  2. Oh Kristi! I love all the new pieces but I have to tell you that you made me laugh and cry at the same time with that little elephant. My Mom loved elephants and I used to get her one every year for Christmas. Funny I could always find the perfect one but since she has been gone for 12 years I haven't found one. This would have been one I would have given her. Thank you for that!

  3. I love the elephant and the mittens :-)