Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More I ♥ Headpins

Yesterday I revealed a bunch of new headpins HERE,
 and I made even more new ones that I'm sharing today!
I'm obsessed with Headpins I guess, I've got more ideas swimming around in my brain.
This is the mess that comes out of the kiln and tumbler.
They have to be bent to fit in the kiln and then the tumbler really twists them around.

Here's is a sampling of all the ones in this batch.
No Liver of Sulfur or Torching, natural copper. Haven't decided if I'll leave them this way or not.

Starfish with Shell on the reverse side, the first pair is what the back of the Starfish looks like.
The Starfish Headpins are listed HERE

2 different ammonite,
 the pair in the center with the Starburst is what all the reverse of the Ammonite look like.



Flower/flower, one is the front one is the reverse.


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  1. Love the headpins! I see one of each on a nice copper chain!