Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Textile Beads

I've had a thing for wood texture blocks for quite some time. I dug out my collection and went to town with Polymer Clay and made these beads. I think they are so pretty and hope you do too!
Here are a few of the blocks I have in my collection and the beads I made with them.

Ivory Textile Beads

Turquoise Textile Beads



  1. Kristi,Beautiful! What you are doing fine. I love your details for jewelry. Fun to work with them. I bought, but the work - http://kolibri-ykr.blogspot.ru/2013/05/blog-post_15.html
    (I'm sorry, I do not speak English, I use online translator.)
    Sincerely, Inna.

  2. I love these too, Kristi! You are so right, they make exquisite toys for PC work :)

  3. I love the textile blocks--they're so beautiful just on their own. And of course anything you make is wonderful. These beads have great texture!