Sunday, December 22, 2013

End of Year AJE Earring Challenge REVEAL

This is the Finale of this years AJE Earring Challenge!!!
Like many of you with the Holiday fast approaching I didn't have a chance to make many earrings.

I really love the one pair I managed to make!

Hippie Chic

Wire hoops wrapped in Sari Silk Yarn with a big Flower textured Copper Button attached at the bottom.

I can't believe out little Challenge is done,
at once I'm both relieved and sad.
I hope you all had fun creating earrings and hopping along to see what everybody else created.

Have a fabulous Holiday however you celebrate it and a most wonderful New Year to come!!



  1. I love those earrings, Kristi! They are so unique! Thanks for always being a big supporter of our earring challenge!

  2. A pretty combo of metal and fibre, Kristi... thanks for sharing all the inspiration and all the best for 2014!

  3. You just keep impressing me with your combinations of metal, glass, and fiber. These are very cool. I'm sad to see the earring challenge come to an end... I might just try to keep going myself since I think it's been good to stretch myself. Happy Holidays!

  4. So sweet. I love the sari silk! They look very festive and fun.

  5. I just love those earrings! The blend of hard and soft really causes them to stand out.