Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

It's been so cold here the last few days, on Saturday I spent the whole day rotating feeders and keeping them thawed for the little ones. I finally broke down that evening and bought a couple of lamps to keep them above freezing.

This little one spent most of the day at the feeder, perched there staying warm...
eating and pooping, eating and pooping lol

This is the first morning I had the light on, those Christmas lights come in handy don't they!

He spent the better part of the day right here!

This is the end of the day, it's completely dark out and it stayed well in to the evening. I left the light on all night just in case it came back.

I was on hummer watch the next morning and he showed up quite early, before light.

Again he stayed there for long stretches enjoying the warmth and the sugar water buffet.

As the temperature finally got above freezing he didn't spend as much time at the feeder but I did catch him taking advantage of the Christmas lights again.

I turned the light off mid day, the feeders were no longer in danger of freezing.
He did still spend time there but not as much as the day before.
I use "he" for the most part but I don't actually know if it's a male or female. I'm assuming it's an Anna's because they seem to be the ones that stay through the winter.




  1. how sweet of you to look out for them! tiny little things!

  2. Poor little thing! But not as poor as he would have been without you to help him through the big freeze. Hope your weathre improves. Great pictures.

  3. So sweet! Great photos! I would like to send a few of the pics to a friend....she loves Hummingbirds so much and she's having some health issues...thought it might cheer her up.

  4. Beautiful bird - all that cold weather must be very hard on them.

  5. Gorgeous photos of these incredible birds.

  6. now there's a bird post with a difference! You picked up a great photo there near the light too; I'm sure they really appreciate and will spend a lot of time your place

  7. How wonderful that you take such good care of this little sweetie! Terrific shots!

  8. A cool winter visitor. Great shots of your winter hummer.

  9. That is amazing, I didn't realise they over wintered.
    All the best Gordon.

  10. What cool shots with the lights! Beautiful little bird, too. I'm glad you heated his meal for him!

  11. What wonderful company to keep! I love to see photos of these little guys!