Sunday, March 8, 2015

More Embossed Copper

I've been busy making more embossed copper pieces, I really love the look and it's so much fun to find different shape and texture combination and find out which ones work best!

The flowers in the picture above have sold but I'll be making more so please check back within the next couple of weeks.

A fairly new shape for me, I love the long pieces and with 3 holes there are lots of design possibilities. This texture is Mehndi and as of right now there are a couple available for immediate shipment.

I've been using this Shard shape for some time but these are new textures and I love them!

A few more Shards in different textures. The first 2 pair on the left are sold but more will be coming soon. Both are listed for Pre-Order.

Another beautiful pair with Delicate Mehndi texture, I adore the texture gently swirling around to the center and each one is a little different but beautifully matched.


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