Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pods and Sea Horses etc

Pod Earrings
I'm loving these Pod earrings, I used Artisan Components from 3 wonderful artists.

Sea Horse Pair

New Paisley Sea Horses, aren't they adorable!

Embossed Flowers

More Embossed pieces, I'm obsessed with these at the moment!

Leaf Pair
 These cool leaves are actually not new, I've been going through my stash of stuff that never got listed and getting some of them out there. They've always been popular so I think I need to make more!

Black Polymer Clay Scarab
Another from my stash, Gorgeous Black Scarab! I have an Ivory one in my store as well.

Ammonite Bead sets
 I just made these, I've made them before and always loved them so I made this multi color set and a few more too, including the Ivory set below and a set of Turquoise in my store!

Ivory Ammonite Bead Set

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my work, old and new!
My shop is full to the brim, I hope you enjoy browsing!