Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Christmas Passed/Past

And a wonderful Christmas it was. My second Christmas with my honey and an absolutely beautiful piece of Pink Sapphire jewelry for me. I don't normally shop at the big jewelry stores but it was fun and we made sure I could wear it every day and it would look good with my hand crafted jewelry. He recently got a BluRay player so of course I helped him stock up on BluRay discs for his Christmas presents.

Here's a picture of my ring by request.

We braved the snow and went out and visited both his and my families, we had a wonderful time!!! Ate too much, exchanged gifts and spent good times with loved ones, it's what Christmas is all about.

We've had snow every day for a week or so I think, must be well over 12 inches total. It is warming up and I'm afraid it might start raining which will most likely mean flooding. I'm hoping the rain holds out a day or 2 and gives these mountains of snow some time to thaw, that'll give us plenty of water to cope with for now.

So....I've been out of PMC for about a week, hoping to get a fresh order today. I've also ordered some silicone mold making compound, cork clay and PMC syringe. I'm anxious to try some more new techniques I read about in the book PMC Technic I've mentioned in a previous post, but I'm also a little nervous to try without somebody to guide me. Precious Metal Clay is not cheap so I hate to waste it. In the interum I'm doing some beading and listing a couple non-pmc items on my etsy site.

For the new year my goal is to take more classes and start working towards certification, join the PMC Team on Etsy , I've already been working hard to meet the criteria necessary to be considered for membership. I will continue working on ways to promote my jewelry such as this Blog, Twitter , Flickr screen name DreamSomeDesigns. I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished in a few short months so I'll continue in that direction. And of course I plan to continue having fun at the same time!

2008 was a very good year for me and 2009 will be even better!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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