Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For My Reading Pleasure

I'm getting ready for some down time, having foot surgery next week. With that in mind I'm stocking up on loads of reading material. I've got lots of magazine back issues piled up and I just ordered some new books.

I'll also be moving lots of my jewelry making goodies out to the living room and making my very own "couch studio". I'll share pictures of that when it's set up.

Here are the books I'll be receiving, I'd love to hear comments about them!!



  1. HIGHLY recommend the Metal Clay for Beaders Series. I have them (recent purchases) and LOVE them... ALL of them. Right now two of them are beside my bed and when I'm having trouble pulling my head out of "work-work" I grab one, flip pages, read instructions and then put it down and go to sleep dreaming of silver creations!!

  2. Oooh thanks Cindy, if I wasn't already really excited to get these I would be now!! WOOHOO!!

  3. Kristi, you're going to love the Irina Miech books. Very inspiring!
    Funny thing... when I was at the PMC Conference, I spotted Irina across the room. I almost went up to her because I thought I knew her. You know- "you look familiar, do I know you?" It took me about 2 hours later to realize it was because I had seen her picture on her books!

  4. I've got the Irina books as well, very good. I haven't seen the first or last ones before, they look interesting!

    Hope the surgery goes well.