Sunday, October 3, 2010

NW Bead Bazaar

Yesterday I went to the NW Bead Bazaar, shopped until I dropped which didn't take long. Was tempted to go back today but my body wasn't going for it. Too much to do to get ready for surgery on Tuesday anyway.

Here we have faceted Yellow Mother of Pearl and facet Carnelian rounds, plan on putting both with Turquoise!

Pietersite, lots of wonderful earthy colors in here with some flashes of sparkling bronze and even milky spots. When I looked it up to check my spelling I learned it's also known as Tempestone, it's said to help one see beyond the immediate to beauty in the All. It enhances courage, tenacity, and ability to maintain or create what is yours. I like that!

Could not resist these beautiful Carnelian barrels, faceted and smooth. The smooth ones have such a wonderful feel to them!

Faceted Freshwater Pearls, in Red and Black. The black has loads of green and blue flash to it, I think it shows in the photo. Really awesome!!

Old Pipestone heishi trade beads, I'm told these are about 200 years old. Research tells me they are formed from the bauxite stone , also know as pipestone or Volcanic Ash. With a very pleasant reddish earthy color there are natural variations of color from bead to bead. LOVE!!

Glass beads from Africa I believe.

More juicy glass beads, love this color combination and will probably use them together.

Glass rondelles, I had a color picked out another. When I picked it up it was connected to 2 other strands and they looked so good together I had to take them all home.

Red Creek or Picasso beads, Faceted New Jade barrels with small Fire Agate beads sandwiched between them.

So pretty here's another shot!

And here they are twisted together. Beads look so cool twisted together.

Blue, Black, Red and Blue again, the inside one looks more green to me.

And another!
That's it for this year, lots of new goodies for me to play with while I'm home bound.
Next post I will be previewing my "Couch studio", I'll be spending the better part of 3-4 weeks there.


  1. Really great haul, Kristi! I'd be cutting them up and running my fingers through them while putting eyes to the heavens and getting chills. LOL! Safe surgery and smooth recovery my friend.

  2. I found vintage German pillow beads - what a FIND! Haven't seen them in 4 years. Took a great class, too. Safe surgery - take good care!

  3. I love the faceted mother of pearl. Very unique! Good luck with your surgery.

  4. Lovely beads you have gotten. Facetted gemstones are so nice. I don't own any round ones I belive. Pietersite is also one of my newest favourites, so many shades in there. And facetted pearls! What a great idea, they look so interesting.
    All my best, Malin

  5. Kristi ~ I loved seeing all the wonderful beads you got at the show. Wow! They are all amazing; I can't wait to see what you do with them. You'll have plenty to play with while you're recovering from your surgery. And best of luck that all goes well. P.S. I love the necklace in your blog banner.