Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures

I've really been a fan of Thrift Store shopping for the last few years and lately I've been checking out the Jewelry section more than ever and finding some great stuff.

I buy the items with the intention of taking them apart to re-use particular bits and pieces, I must admit some of the pieces are so cool I'll have a tough time not leaving them as they are. I wish I could use some of the beads off of them without ruining them, guess I have choices to make.

Love this one, look at that carved tube in the center, maybe Bone, lots of other different shaped bone beads and what looks like Red Sponge Coral and lots of other goodies. That little Crochet piece at the top with the heart is so cute. I know I'll never wear it but this is one I'll have some trouble taking apart, but I'd sure love to use all those componants again!!!!

Bone? Tone of little bone beads in different shapes and sizes and these focals are awesome. I assume they are bone but could they be ivory, does anybody know how to tell the difference. All these parts are definitely going to be re-used, I like the necklace as is but not enough to keep it together.

Here's another mystery stone front and back. I think the back may make it easier to figure out what it is? Anybody have a guess? Rhodocrosite or something like that maybe? The carving is so pretty and on such a pretty stone, only hanging on a cord so you'll definitely see this one again!

This is a piece I had a difficult time deciding to buy. I couldn't tell what those swirly beads were, since I bought it I've been told they are lucite and I think that's right. I'll absolutely take this one apart, the pendant isn't my favorite!

I bought one similar to this before at another thrift store and gave it as a gift. I'm told the tubes are bamboo burnt on the ends, really cool.

Here's a closer look, look at that wire work!!!

And even closer. I can't really use the components on this one so it will probably go home with a friend one day.

Hope you enjoyed it, I'm always looking for new stores to search and try to go to the known stores fairly regularly so I'll post some more finds in a future blog I'm sure.



  1. Great finds, Kristi! One of my favorite things to do, too. Earlier this summer I had to identify between bone and ivory and did some research. If you google, you'll find quite a few resources, but I found this one to be the best to follow since it also has large photos to view. It also shows the difference between fakes (plastic) and real ivory.

  2. Thanks Janet, from this website they do appear to be bone.

  3. Great finds !!!
    The last necklace is from Peru. They do incredible wire work with german silver (alpaca).

  4. cool finds! The pink stone looks like rhodonite to me. Rhodochrosite has a lot of swirls, unlike your stone.

  5. What wonderful finds. Nothing like that in the thrift stores around here. You are very fortunate. Have fun using the components. I can't wait to see what you make.

  6. Wish I could find items like that in my second hand shops - these are fantastic!

  7. I wish my local thrift shops had these sort of finds!!! Recently I came across a necklace at the Salvation Army with the cutest Mickey Mouse beads. I made 2 lanyards with those!!!!