Sunday, November 21, 2010

Printer Drawers vs Glass Beader

As some of you may remember some time ago I was lucky enough to purchase a cabinet with a bunch of printer drawers. Amazing storage for beads!!

Well some of the drawers were really dirty and pretty much unusable for putting beads in them and we've been trying to figure out how to clean them up ever since. I cut out bits of card stock to put in the bottom, didn't work all that well cause the sides are still dirty. Tried to take a damp cloth to each little space, not only did that take forever it really didn't clean them at all.

So...we finally broke down and are using my hubby's glass beader. For those who don't know what that is, it's sort of like a mini sand blaster. My husband does alot of auto and metal work so he cleans stuff in it. It uses air pressure to throw tiny glass beads to clean rust, scale and dirt etc off metal. We turned the air pressure way down so it wouldn't damage the wood. The drawers are almost too big to get in the glass beader, but they do squeeze in.
But my husband decided to give it a try, he was getting close to putting new glass bead in it so it's the perfect time to experiment. And it works so well I can't believe how beautiful and pristine they turn out.

Enough talk...I know you've been waiting for pictures, I know I would be. So here you go!

This is a glass beader, you put your hands in those holes which have gloves attached.

Here's a look inside, your hands are inside the protective gloves and the nozzle shoots out the glass bead.

Here's one of the drawers inside.

Here's looking through the plastic window on top as my husband cleans the drawer.

A before picture of one of the worse parts of one of the drawers. They actually have paper on the bottom which we didn't realize until we started cleaning them.

One of the squares cleaned out, much nicer than the other dirty ones around it! I have used the machine a few times and did a little bit of one drawer. But, you have to use a foot pedal to start and stop it and since I'm still wearing a boot, that made it pretty difficult. I couldn't tell what I was doing with my foot. Sometimes it was on when I didn't mean for it to be and sometimes the other way around lol.

That's for this portion of the blog. It's snowing outside so I took a couple of pitures of the snow. This moss covered rock was so pretty, it deserved to be snapped!!

Isn't it pretty!!

Here I am out in the snow all bundled up. Don't think it will amount to much!

Finally, as I was walking in and out to the garage I noticed this poor Geranium blooming. It's been out in my greenhouse completely neglected since before my foot surgery. So it's hasn't had any water or anything for nearly 2 months, I'm so happy I noticed it and got to appreciate it beauty!!!



  1. Wow, that's a lot of work -- but you know, it will be SO worth it!

  2. How interesting! What a wondrful job the glass beader did! Know you will LOVE your clean storage :)

  3. Well that looks very satisfying!I think my husband will faint if I ask for one - LOL !!!

  4. I have 20 more for you to clean. ;)

    I done part of them with a knife and elbow grease to get the paper glue and other stuff out.
    Yours look so much better. :D

  5. Hi Kristi ~ Wow! The drawers look so beautiful after the cleaning. I'm glad you were able to do it. And that Geranium is gorgeous.