Saturday, November 6, 2010

What happened?

EEEEEK, what happened to my beautiful new studio? Oh ya, my husband brought in all the stuff from my old studio, now I get to organize and put it all away. It will probably never look as beautiful as it did before, but that's what it's for right? I have those beautiful uncluttered pictures of it with a brand new floor and wonderful storage units forever.

We're having major discussions about a particular not very attractive work table I want to bring in, it's perfect for my solder, enamel and generally playing with fire station, but compared to the rest of the beautiful cabinets it's an ugly duckling. But it is a studio afterall, and none of the other pieces work as well as this one for this particular purpose. I don't mind that it's not beautiful but since this room is in the center of the house and for now can't be closed off my husband wants it to be "attractive".


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