Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fold Forming and Enameling Day 1

I just finished day 1 of a great class with Nancy Megan Corwin, you can call her Megan at The Ranch.

I learned to fold form these awesome leaves out of copper and did a little bit of enameling. We'll do more enameling tomorrow and actually probably more fold forming too. So much fun!!

Here's a grouping of the leaves I made, the one in front that is more red than the others has been torch fired. I've really been wanting to do more enameling and I think this class will build my confidence quite a bit so hopefully I'll will!!

Not my best photography effort but it's been a long (and very fun) day. I'll try to get photos of the work of some of the other students too, some beautiful stuff!

I'm really looking forward to trying enameling on some of my copper clay work!!!



  1. Great leaves ... can't wait to see them kicked up a notch with enamel!

  2. I love your leaves! You will become addicted to enameling! I can't wait to see what you enamel the leaves in. Have fun!

  3. Those are AWESOME!!! Don't let anyone sweep those up! Keep your first ones for YOU!