Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playing with my new Christmas Present

Yes I got it early!! My husband threatened...I mean offered to wrap it for me to open on Christmas but I gave him "the look" you know what I mean. He didn't offer again, thank you honey.

I am super excited to have gotten a new Nikon camera from my hubby!! I also signed up for an online photo class that starts in January, I'm really looking forward to that. I hope to improve my jewelry photos and also be able to take great pictures of the world to share. My most favorite things on blogs are pictures so I like to post them as well. So with that said, on with the pictures!!

Little Shasta patiently waiting for breakfast!

Ginger also patiently waiting!

Santa Claus, Mrs Claus is in the box waiting to join him!

Some of my favorite little decorations in a grouping.
Finally getting some decorations up,
 now that we found the boxes!

A beautiful Star Ornament made by my sister in law.

My girls are going to get tired of having a camera in their face,
 but they are so cute I love taking pictures of them!!

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