Monday, December 6, 2010

Fold Forming and Enameling Day 2

My oh my what a fantastic day, the end of a weekend full of fun and learning with friends...the very best kind!

Few words in this post, the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!!

These last couple of pieces below are from a bag of destash I bought long ago, I have no idea what metal they are but I can enamel them, that's what counts. I have lots more to play with too!!

And a picture of almost everything I did this weekend!

Last but not least, out inspiration!!!  Megan had boxes of copper pieces to show us and this is only part of it strewn across the table, pretty awesome huh?

And some individual shots of Megan's work.



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  1. Your pieces look awesome! I hope you had a lot fun with the enameling!