Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old African Carnelian

A new creation, I tried using a new material this time.  Rubber tubing!!!

I went through several design changes before I finally hit it just right!!!

It all started with this beautiful piece of Old African Carnelian I found at a local bead store. I used short pieces of Rubber Tubing wrapped around a Bone Ring and wound bronze wire around the ends. Then I added tiny little Natural Bone Beads, Turquoise Squares, Faceted Carnelian Nuggets and one of my favorite Antique Bronze Chains. It hangs nice and long which is also something I rarely do.

This necklace is listed in my Artfire Studio along with some wonderful Red Leaf Jasper earrings that go very nicely with it.

Old African Carnelian Necklace

Faceted Red Leaf Jasper Earrings

Thank you to my wonderful friend Memoree who has been kind enough to agree to do some modeling
 for me. So much easier to take photos of somebody else wearing jewelry.


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