Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Art Bead Scene Challenge Necklace

And what a challenge it was for me. I love doing these challenges especially when they push me to something completely new. Using the Sari fabric was definitely that and it was not easy, but I couldn't be happier with the resulting necklace. Thanks to the help of Linda at BurntOfferings on Etsy I was able to get just the right combination of fabrics to use as my necklace. I sent her the inspiration photo and she picked a couple of bundles for me to choose from and I think we did good!!!

I tried to create somewhat of a tuturial for this blog post, I took pictures along the way of most of the steps in creating my Gypsy Princess Necklace. I am working on creating earrings using the fabrics as well which I will share in a future post.

First of all I'll share the inspiration photo from the
 Art Bead Scene Blog!

Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud
An amazingly beautiful piece with lots of bright colors!

In the beginning, there was the Bronze Focal piece,
Faceted Mookait rounds,
Small lampwork beads from Radiant Mind,
Tiny Faceted Iolite Heishi.
I was unable to use those gorgeous
chunky Yellow Chalcedony Nuggets because the holes are too small.

I chose the fabrics I wanted to include
 and looped them through the hole of the focal
I added some Antique Bronze chain so I'd have something
to anchor the beads I wanted to attach along the necklace.

I wire wrapped the colorful little beads I wanted to use
 and added them along the bottom of the pendant.

Wire wrapped a few more little beads and added them up the chain,
some of these beads had to be moved as it all got twisted around and wrapped together.

I wrapped the ends with wire
and looped them over then secured them to create the loops for the clasp.
Clipped off the extra fabric leaving nice tails,
pulled on the fabrid to create the frayed rough finish to the ends.
Most of the wire I used was Copper that I used
MissFickleMedia solution to give them lovely green verdigris.

Here is my finished Gypsy Princess Necklace

Thank you everybody at Art Bead Scene Blog for giving us these wonderful challenges every month!


I had to add the earrings I made to go with this necklace.
 I have lots of Sari fabric to use so I'll be making more.
These earrings are now listed on Artfire.


  1. Oh, you already know how much I adore this necklace! You are spot on as far as the colors of the painting. It's brilliant, Kristi! And I love the name. Now, doesn't that stretch feel good??? Are you keeping it?

  2. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful vibrant colors. You did a marvelous job using the inspiration given in the challenge!

  3. Gorgeous! I love how the necklace turned out and how the colors go so well with the painting!

  4. Love the colors! The necklace is beautiful!

  5. This is gorgeous Kristi! I love the colors! ~Val

  6. Hey Kristi! Thanks for leaving this link on my blog I loved reading how you made this piece. I have never worked with Sari before and you did it beautifully!
    Shannon C

  7. Gorgeous!!! You guys did a great job with the fabric. Gorgeous colors : )

  8. You did an excellent job of capturing the feel of that painting! Love what you did, winding the beaded chain around with the fibers. Gorgeous!

  9. What a fabulous necklace! A gorgeous representation of the painting :)

  10. Just saw this on ABS and had to come over to tell you how much I love this necklace!! I'm a big fan of fiber and have been working some into my jewelry lately; this necklace is just fantastic and is a huge inspiration! Thank you for showing it!

  11. you just cannot go wrong with those fibers! i love the little wire wrapped clasp that you made. nice touch!
    enjoy the day, kristi!