Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stone Age

Yesterday I received more incredible Vintage Ceramic beads from Embroidered Soul on Etsy. Some time ago I received some awesome Beach Stone components from AllyBead. As soon as I saw these particular dark gray and blue Vintage Ceramic beads I knew I wanted to try to use some Beach Stone, and I wanted to try putting it all together with leather cord AND I wanted use the excellent Heart Charm from Artisan Clay. Sometimes things just flow in your brain, you know?!?

Now that you know all the players lets have a look at everything used in this bracelet.

They look so cool just put in to piles like that don't they?!?!?
 I look forward to using all of these in other designs.

Here is the finished bracelet just listed on Artfire.

Here are coordinating earrings.

Here are a few other recently listed items...



  1. Saw your pretty heart earrings over at LMAJ...great work :)

  2. Love those vintage beads! Thinking how I can put something together like these...super color and terrific bracelet design!

  3. Cool vintage pieces! I'm sure you will have a blast creating projects around them! I love those earrings. The color is so unique! ~Val