Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seeing Stars!!

And flowers...

I've been waiting to get my new order of QuickFire Bronze which arrived yesterday. So, of course, as soon as I got home from work I opened it up and played!!

I have an order for a bunch of stars so that was first on my agenda, I think I made too many so I hope others are interested in using pairs of stars in their future designs.

 Keep in mind all the pieces in these photos are in the very first stages, they still need to be sanded and shaped and holes put in them and then fired. Lots of work ahead for me. I hope to have them ready to list over the weekend.

Flowers also seem to be a favorite so I made several with starburst pattern in the center, a pair with single hole and a pair with 2 holes. Also did a flower with a flower pattern stamped in the middle. And a bunch of round pieces with a variety of patterns.

I'm also going to start creating larger pieces to use as connectors or larger focals with a variety in size shape and number of holes. This is my first one.

I also just listed some Silver Components I made some time ago, cute little Leaves and Flowers.

Thanks for taking a look at what I've got going on in my Studio.



  1. One of each please!!! :) They are fab, Kristi!

  2. Oh my you were busy but oh it is so worth it! I love them all even in the early stages!

    Hey left you something on my blog the other day go here

  3. I love the flowers in the second pic - everything's super cute though!

  4. They all look great. Those silver ones are adorable!

  5. Can't wait to see these finished!

  6. Wow, these are great, I would LOVE to try my hand at metal clay!

  7. These are fab, looking forward to seeing these finished x