Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BTW Paper

Today it's not so much about beads it's about paper. I'm down to my last little handmade envelope that I package my components in so this morning I need to cut and fold as many as I can before I head off to work. I love paper, there are some absolutely gorgeous papers out there these days.
Not the best picture, my battery ran out after only one shot this morning so this was it!

I just received a little Sizzix embossing machine yesterday,
I'll be playing with it and experimenting with some new little additions to my packaging.
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1 comment:

  1. Kristi, those papers are gorgeous. When I read that you were going to be cutting out more envelopes. I thought wow that is a task cutting all of those little envelopes out by hand, but then I read further and saw that you use a die cutter. Whew my hands feel better now LOL!
    I also want to tell you I received my copper charms the other day and I love them. Now I just have to pair them up with the right beads to make beautiful earrings.
    Thank you,