Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Virtual Craft Show Winner

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things has picked all the winners from last weeks Virtual Craft Show event.
 The winner of these earrings is Krys Mann.

Now... since I messed up and told everybody to enter by commenting on my blog but actually to win you were supposed to comment on Lori's Blog, I'm going to make another pair of these earrings and draw a second winner from those of you who did what I told you to do and commented here.
 So watch for another drawing in a few days.

Thanks to all who played, I hope you enjoyed the Virtual Craft Show!!!



  1. Yippie, another chance to win these beauties!!!!!

  2. i love these earrings..someone's going to be happy, happy.

  3. Wow! So generous Kristi, Who wouldn't love a second chance!

  4. Oh, goodie, another chance at these gorgeous earrings and your components. Thanks.

  5. Your earrings are just exquisite! So beautiful. Just wanted to leave you a compliment. I found your blog via Erin Prais-Hintz and her blog entry today.