Tuesday, December 27, 2011



During this Christmas break I've been doing a little organizing.
I moved things around a bit in my studio so hopefully I'll be a little more efficient. We shall see!
 While organizing I've been picking and choosing and putting together earrings mostly and one bracelet.

Above are some beautiful lime green glass tubes and micro faceted agate in shades of green and purple.
This has always been a favorite color combination so I pulled the purple out by creating violet enamel headpins and used some really pretty matte Czech Glass beads at the top.


These Ryolite ovals have always been a favorite and when I recently received these lovely brown faceted Chalcedony briolettes I knew they were a great match to pull the little bit of rust color out of the Ryolite.


Paisley Copper Rings and Puple Crazy Lace Agate.
Every once in awhile the copper goes purple which is one of my favorite colors.
Perfect for Purple Crazy Lace Agate.

Above are my Ammonite Rectangles with gorgeous blue green Opal briolettes.


How about the earrings above with incredible Lampwork Beads by Outwest paired with some Chrysoprase I have that are virtually all brown. I love this combination.

The Purple beauties above sold when I shared them on Facebook.
Sparkly Glass beads with more beautiful Lampwork from Outwest,
topped with Copper beadcaps.

I'm fairly sure I'll be keeping these Lampwork and Turquoise beauties for myself.
I rarely keep anything I make but I love these and may make an exception.
You may recognize more Lampwork by Outwest, this time with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in Marquise shape and Acorn bead caps by Vintaj.

And last but not least this lovely bracelet.
 I've seen this style numerous times by other artists and I always loved it.
I put my own twist in by roughly wrapping the copper around the heavy copper base inside,
 rather than making smooth lovely wraps.
 I liked it very much and it was bought once again when I posted it on Facebook.
Large Lampwork beads by TwoSisters, smaller purple spacers by Radiant Mind.



  1. Wowzers, Kristi. These are marvelous!

  2. Oh, Kristi, these got better with each scroll down! Love 'em all!

  3. All are beautiful! I was going to say the green ones.. then the purple and green ones, but I think it's the chrysophase brown ones that really got me!

    Every time I start to organize I get side-tracked into creating something and then weeks go by again. How did you do?

  4. They are all beautiful, great combinations of shapes, textures, color and design. Good to know that facebook is bringing you business... Happy New Year!

  5. I like them all but like the ones best that you are keeping for yourself. I can see why!!

  6. Kristi, each of these is so beautiful. You are truly such a talented artist.
    Sending you wishes for a very Happy New Year!

  7. OMG *PURPLE* and *TEAL* earrings make me want to faint!