Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Heart Macro - Cacoon?

I found this...thing today, looks like some sort of cacoon don't you think?
It's cold and rainy here so those are droplets of rain that will probably freeze over night.
I wonder if it's still alive not that it's not sandwiched between the door and the wall,
 not so protected any more.

I recently closed the door of my greenhouse, which is where I often take jewelry photograghs and I noticed this on the outside of the door which for most of the year is propped open.

I'm very curious what it is, anybody know?
It's about the size of a quarter and as you can see it sticks out a fair amount.

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  1. Whatever it is, it was a great subject for your macro shot. All the detail you captured is awesome. It looks like almost ice crystals on it though I am not sure about that. Beautiful photography. genie

  2. oh at first I thought it might be a funky bead until I read on...what an interesting little find....

  3. It sure is fascinating and pretty up close! Great shots!

  4. The only thing that comes to mind is that it's possibly a spider sac - full of eggs. Seems a little big for that... Nice shots of it!

  5. Love the close ups you took of whatever it turns out to be. At first I thought it was a felted bead or some dust bunny. Love those water droplets and webbing lines you captured!

  6. Very, very cool Kristi! Have no idea though. You've got the talent girl!

  7. Most of the web cocoons I see like that against walls are spiders, but I believe some caterpillars have them like that too. I've never seen the peachy colored center before! Very pretty :)

  8. Wow -- awesome subject and nicely photographed! I'm pretty sure it's a spider egg sac -- I see lots of them. The webbing is both insulation and adhesive.

  9. I wonder what it is? such beautiful pictures and great detail of the textures!

  10. Kristi, Cool macro shot. I'm pretty sure it is a spider egg sack.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

  11. It is a spider egg casing. Here is Texas, they are quite common. If it survives the cold weather, it will contain hundreds of tiny spider babies. The detail of the photo is fantastic.

  12. I love all the little water droplets on the cocoon! Very cool!

  13. omg it looks like a hairy nipple. like a mama cat nipple. outside in the dew.

  14. Gosh, I thought you were going to tell us, and were just building suspense! It is an odd-looking thing for sure!

    I was going to vote for something nice and sweet, like cotton candy, and now I'm seeing all these messages about spider eggs,....eww!

    Anyway, cool photos...before I knew what the object was! Ha!