Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Heart Macro - The Big Thaw

I used to be really good at having my Macro shots ready ahead of time,
lately it seems like I'm one of the last to join in.
Must do better!

This is the last of the melting snow on top of a huge moss covered rock we have in our yard.
I love what's left of the snow and the adorable moss slowly being uncovered.

Happy to see some things are budding, I hope they survive what's left of the winter.

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  1. Wonderful Macro shots. It's so nice to see things are thawing somewhere. We're still in a deep freeze in my part of the world and I am soooo looking forward to some of these signs here.

  2. I'm last to join in this week --- love your icy photos!

  3. Love those close ups Kristi! I love the ice on top of the green, awesome!!!

  4. Love those macro shots Kristi! Love the ice on the green and the textures are fabulous!

  5. Kristi, Love the melting snow on the moss shots. It is in the 70's here in Alabama and I woke up to sever thunderstorm warnings and tornado watch and warnings.